Friday, 23 November 2018

Where to use video for marketing.

Video marketing has been accepted as the go-to for business marketing. Businesses understand the power of video to reach an audience and to bring in new business. So successful businesses have high quality videos made and continually market themselves with it. Where many new comers to online and video marketing get stuck is where to use the video. For most businesses who are inexperienced with marketing with video the process is the same.A video is made and it is put on the company YouTube channel and that's about it. The company then hopes that somehow people will find the video and will watch it.

It is important to understand that the video production is only the first step and that the video is only a tool not a solution in it's self. Once a video is ready it should be used in a number of ways to create multiple streams of potential customers. That means posting the video on as many social media sites as possible and used on paid for advertising platforms.

Before this is done though it is very important to know what the requirements are for the video to work on each platform. The most common mistake is to make a 30 second or even up to 2 or 3 minute video and thinking it is a one size fits all type of video. The problem is that not all advertising platforms have the same rules. Facebook for example only allows a video to be 15 seconds long as an advert. If you want to post a video to Facebook on one of your pages, it can be very long but not as a paid for advert. Each platform has a different set of rules regarding the size length and content of the videos. Make sure to check what the rules are for each.The easiest way to do this is to create an ad campaign on the platforms you want to use. In many cases, you will be able to go all the way to the point of uploading the video where the restrictions will become evident.

What is a good ideas is to make different lengths of video for different audiences. It might be better to make completely different videos for each platform as your targeting will be different on each as well.

Word image showing online marketing including video marketingOnce you have had your beautiful adverts made by a professional video production company and you have established what platforms to use, and what specifications are appropriate, it makes sense to link them all together. This is where the SEO of video comes in and where your video can make a difference, not only to being visible, but also boosting your SEO for Google and all the other social media platforms you use.

The linking can be as simple as having a link to your other platforms in the description of the video when it is posted. It is different when you use the video as a paid for advert as there is no description area but when people click on the video in many advertising platforms, such as Facebook, the viewer can be sent to, for example, your website or landing page.

In some cases there is no linking at all, such as on YouTube adverts, so be sure to have a clear and and strong call to action with a memorable destination for the viewer to go to. Where a lot of video marketers make a mistake is to not know that "pop ups" on YouTube do not work on many environments such as XBOX ONE. The YouTube video will play but there is no ability to see or click on a "pop up" or even to click a link in the description. Annotations have also been removed on YouTube so it is much more difficult to get a viewer to click on a link.

Graph depiciting increase in sales from useing a professional video production to market a businessWith all of this said, your video must be worth viewing.You can go around spreading your video across all platforms but if nobody wants to watch it, you would be wasting your time. Be sure to make your video as high quality and attractive as possible. It is not a good idea to dabble with video production. If it is the first time your company will be making a video, be sure to use a respected video production company and, if possible, get advice from a professional. Local video companies in your areas such as the  video production companies in Johannesburg can walk you through the process and explain the pros and cons to you.This can help you save a lot of money in the short term and provide much greater success with video marketing and the the use of video for marketing in the long run.

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