Saturday, 21 July 2018

What should social media video look like and can video production companies do it for me?

For most businesses social media marketing is something they would prefer to pass on to somebody else so social media video should be done by video production companies right?

It is not difficult to find statistics related to video and the impact that is has on the internet as well as its appeal to social media marketers. In the past it was good enough to post a single image like an info graphic or simply a pretty message like a quote of the day. While those days are not completely over they are close to it. Video has taken over due to it's attractiveness to the viewer. The problem is that video is way more difficult and way more expensive than a simple image. This is both a good and a bad thing. While many just see the cost and difficulty, others who are more advanced in things like SEO, see a way to stand out in their marketing. Video productions have certainly exploded across the web, and social media, but are still in the minority. That means that although there are more costs involved, now is the time to be ahead of the pack. There will come a time when it is expected to have video and the additional cost will not give your company any benefit over the competition. It will simply be required that you have a video included in your social media just to not be left behind.

So if your marketing budget is limited and you have been stuck on the path of low return on investment when it comes to social media engagement, what is the answer?
Some have turned to making short selfie style videos using their phones as a video camera. While this is not necessarily bad, it does have some problems. The first is that you have to put in the effort on a constant basis. Most small businesses cant be bothered to even post a message everyday, never mind a video production. With social media in general most small businesses have opted to use a social media management company at an affordable cost to keep them up to date with social media interaction. So the answer can be very much the same but using video. The problem is that many, if not most, social media management companies don't have the slightest idea about video. There are some rare examples of marketing companies who have this in the bag. One of those is a company called webspresso , who provide cost effective video for social media marketing in the same way you would have your normal  social media management handled.

So the big question is what does social media video look like?
Is it a full video production? Is it an info graphic sort of a thing? Is it expensive? How can I get video in my social media campaign and go back to focusing on my business?
The answer is pretty amazing.What social media video is, is a short attractive, cost effective way of getting a message across. In the same way that a picture was used to put a message across and keep you interacting with your client base, so social media videos are now doing the same.

So who is actually doing this video stuff? These are small creations by video production companies. They are wonderful little "finger food" style video productions put together by video production companies in Johannesburg and around the world. They are very short, very attractive, highly effective tools, which will soon completely replace info graphics and image posts.

Here is an example of a social media video put together using one of the fantastic templates created by video production companies as opposed to graphic designers.

There many types and varieties of videos that can be used for social media video productions. They can be as simple as logo animations to very short adverts like those you would see on TV.
Here is an example of a TV style advert which is also a template style but has a broadcast feel to it.

These little gems are the answer to most social media marketers woes. To find out more or to have some video clips made for your business contact one of the best video production companies in Johannesburg: Absolutely AV Video Productions. Call: +27 11 462 7816 or go to

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