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The Kind Of Video You Should Be Using For Social Media.

There is so much video being used and so much confusion as to what video to use for social media. Many video production companies are producing tons of high quality video for marketing but are they effective marketing tools on social media? Its time to look at what video should be used and when, with social media marketing.

Before we look at the problems we need firstly to define social media. This basic step is often overlooked and is part of the problem. Firstly not all social media is made equal. Different social media requires different video. You can not post a video to YouTube and think that it is the same as twitter or Facebook. Some social media platforms don't even allow for posting videos. So it is important to know which ones do. There is also a different audience on each platform so its important to know the demographics of your client base and which social media platforms match that audience. It makes no sense to have a huge reach to an audience that has no interest in your product or service.
Many businesses, due to their lack of knowledge about social media, get suckered into the notion that to stay relevant they have to reach out to a young and connected audience. Although the temptation is always there to try to be hip and in touch, if they are not your client demographic or potential buyers, they are not relevant. Be relevant to your actual client base.

Small Business Owner Seeing growth Through Marekting With Video Online.

Each social media platform also has its own limit on size of video.This means bit rate and quality as well as length of video can be critical. So many companies make one video which they think can simply be plastered on all networks, not knowing that this is impractical. The video production companies in Johannesburg and around the world are only too happy to make these videos but the audiences will also respond differently to the same video on different platforms so the prodcution companies need to create ones that are appropriate.

Video Production Companies In Johannesburg Doing Their Work.One of the main causes of incorrect video usage on social media is self indulgence. Way too many companies will spend 3 to 7 minutes talking about themselves as if they are some super star who everyone is interested in. Reality check...You are not and they are not interested. A hard pill to swallow but if you don't break the cycle of self indulgent marketing, your businesses marketing will be feeble at best. The world today is filled with people who are only interested in what benefits them. They will not even watch 30 seconds of a rant about how amazing your company is. Video productions should be 100% about what benefits the client and not your business. The video is not only about getting the message to the client about how your company can benefit them but the video itself must be a benefit. This part is hard for many to comprehend because they never look from the buyers point of view, only from their own. Many corporate video production companies Johannesburg put together fantastic videos that are technically amazing and visually appealing but are of absolutely no benefit to the clients marketing strategy. The client is happy because their ego is stroked with the pretty video and the video production company is happy because they get paid whether the video brings new clients or not.

What video production companies should be doing is pointing out what video is most appropriate for which social media platform and how to use it. A video that provides value to potential clients is what should be used  on YouTube such as a "how to" video or some sort of free advice. This is of great value to the potential client and will draw them in willingly. On platforms that only allow for short small , videos where the viewers attention span is short a video that is either entertaining or provocative and very sharable is what should be used. When a company is putting together their web site a completely different video is needed. There are two types, the one being an "about us" video which goes on the about us page of the website and a "reason why" the client should use the business service or product video should be on the landing page. These can be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo and embedded on the web pages. These videos however will do nothing to bring in a new audience or potential clients but work well to close the deal with a person who has already landed on the website.
To draw in a new audience or potential buyers you need to go where they are.

While it makes sense to use professional corporate video production companies to make your range of videos, it is not their responsibility to know where to use them. That is either yours, or your marketing companies responsibility. There should be a clear communication between your marketing department and the video production companies to ensure the video is appropriate and targeted for the correct audience and social media platform.

For example a simple Happy Easter video can be as short as 5 seconds, to simply target existing clients. Like the video below.

Corporate Video Production company at corproate event.This video will not bring in new clients and will do nothing for social media marketing but can be good for staying in the clients minds for future business.
Some simple inspiring short video clips can also work really well on many platforms. As long as it is short, interesting and sharable, then you stand a good chance of getting some decent exposure but its import to to keep testing to see which ones are responded to best and which ones bring in the most traffic. There is no silver bullet when it comes to video productions and their use on social media but these simple guidelines can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of the video and of the marketing on social media platforms.
When going through a list of production companies in Johannesburg, the production companies in Gauteng should offer you a range of video lengths and formats to be used on a range of social media platforms.


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